Zero waste.

The holistic approach we have when it comes to product design, makes us yet again question how the industry works with flat patterns. We noticed early that there are plenty of materials wasted in the cutting process. We also noticed a pretty simple solution to make it more effective. 


We firmly believe in doing good for the environment. It was highly important we actually make something you can get use of. Hair bands and tassels are one of the most bought and replaced products in the whole fashion industry, simply because they won’t last or maintain quality over time. It’s also one of the most logistic-unfriendly pieces of garment money can buy. We make this product only from the leftover materials of your product. That is the reason why you can’t buy this alone. It comes for free with your products, because that is where it originated from. We have zero interest in selling tassels. We strive to eliminate material waste.
There are many ways to solve a geometric puzzle, known as a pattern, but there is better and worse formulas of doing so. By aligning certain lines to collinear, we end up with a fairly straight strip of fabric as leftover material. We quickly realized that we could make this useful by making a product from this material. The scrunch was born.
"It was highly important we actually make something you can get use of." 

Because the scrunchie is originated and paired with your product, it has the same material and color. This makes it not only very unique and durable, but also very stylish. It goes just as well as an accessory on your wrist as holding up your hair. This falls right into our concept of designing versatile, multi-functional products with elegance in mind.