The everyday
essential tights.

Althea is training tights designed for an active lifestyle, and it's made for all of your adventures in life. But they are also made for your everyday chores. They do just as well on the threadmill as in the meeting room or running arrends.

These tights are made to keep the same smooth texture and shape forever.

The signature reelay™ fabric makes the tights just as comfortable in your everyday life as during your workouts or when you're traveling.

Made with Reelay™

Althea is made from our own fabric Reelay™. This signature and iconic foundation of Ryvelle is all about the magic spot between premium comfort and elegant looks. For you, it is something you wear. For us, it is thousands of hours of engineering put into passionate craftsmanship. It is designed to follow your every move, wherever you go. It’s made for everyday life, providing comfort and support exactly when you need it.

Always with a scrunchie

Althea is made with minimal environmental footprint in mind. This is partly why we makes scrunchies from the waste material. The scrunchie comes in the box with your new tights.

★★★★★ 5.0

Daniella M. - Verified buyer


Jag är jättenöjd med mina tights. Sitter perfekt på kroppen och jag vill helst inte ta av mig dom eller börja bära jeans igen. /Daniella

★★★★★ 5.0

Cornelia L. - Verified Buyer

BÄSTA jag ägt!

Känns som ett andra skinn, sitter åt men utan att trycka jobbigt mycket och är enkla att få på och av. Lever i dessa och kommer köpa minst ett par till så att jag kan använda ett par till träning och ett till vardags. Så otroligt imponerad!

★★★★★ 5.0

Louise K. - Verified Buyer

Best of the best

Favorittightsen! Hade redan dem rosa, men var tvungen att beställa ett par i svart också. Inga som sitter så bra och är så lyxiga i kvalitén :)

Althea Soft blue

Althea Dusty pink

Althea Mint green

Althea Ash purple

Althea Matte black